Winning The Game of Life

OFFLINE DATING: A Short Film That Will Strike a Note With Lonely Londoners

Whatever happened to 'their eyes met across a crowded room'? Yes online dating is a lifeline for those who find approaching someone they are interested in difficult, but it has become the de-facto way of establishing that first contact and turned us into a generation of 'cold convenience daters'.

My Open Letter to a Friend Who Needs to Realise Their Self-Worth

We’ve been taught to cover up the ugly parts, mask the pain, and respond with routine answers of “Things are good,” and “I’m fine,” whenever someone asks how we are. We keep silent about too many things, at the risk of misinterpretation or judgment for the irrational fears and self-doubt we all share.

9 Easy-to-Spot Signs That You or Someone You Know Might be an Introverted Narcissist

Not all narcissists are bombastic and in-your-face. When it comes to narcissists, it is believed they come in 2 flavours: the grandiose and the covert.

19 Confidence Do’s & Don’ts I’ve Learnt From Those I Love Most

We all know confidence is a big competent of success - it's the determinant of achievement, the drive that keeps you going. But we don't always have as much confidence on hand as we need.