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OFFLINE DATING: A Short Film That Will Strike a Note With Lonely Londoners

Whatever happened to 'their eyes met across a crowded room'? Yes online dating is a lifeline for those who find approaching someone they are interested in difficult, but it has become the de-facto way of establishing that first contact and turned us into a generation of 'cold convenience daters'.

9 Easy-to-Spot Signs That You or Someone You Know Might be an Introverted Narcissist

Not all narcissists are bombastic and in-your-face. When it comes to narcissists, it is believed they come in 2 flavours: the grandiose and the covert.

4 Vagina Facts That Will Improve Your Sex Life

It's 2017, yet most women are still clueless when it comes to their own vaginas, even though the female body has changed very little since our cave dwelling days. Society encourages us to follow the latest fashion trends but shames us into silence when it comes to our vaginas. Unlike men who shamelessly share stories of their dicks conquests!