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Project Description



A brand experience event taking place during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, from February 7th to 14th 2017 with a primary goal of further enhancing Happn’s UK brand awareness within their target market. The event was to be held at London’s St. Pancras station, on the ground floor of the shopping arcade main concourse.

Blue Happn LogoThe Happn concept was imagined by Didier Rappaport, Antony Cohen and Fabien Cohen and is the first dating app based on hyper-location and is in real-time.

The app connects people the moment their paths cross; on the street, at work, at a party…Happn puts real-life experiences first and favours everyday coincidences.

“Happn is the answer to a universal desire: how can we find that handsome stranger again, the one we didn’t dare approach? The app gives you a second chance to discover that person that caught your eye, and to avoid all those otherwise missed connections.”

The app first launched in Paris in February 2014, and has gone on to become a global player in the online dating world. It quickly launched in most European capitals, followed by major American cities. 2015 saw Happn continue its expansion, going into South America and reaching 10 million users worldwide.

In 2016, with 2 million new users per month, happn is set on conquering top Asian markets while also strengthening its presence in existing markets. With 25 million users worldwide Happen still has room for expansion with just 700,000 users in London*.

*London users as of November 2016

London’s St. Pancras is a “crossing intersection” and one of the top locations in the city where most Happn users ‘crush’. Such a large number of crossed paths also means many missed opportunities to connect.

Happn, contacted InAnyEvent London to assist them with helping Londoners passing through St. Pancras, “to express themselves and to find the people they have crossed paths with thanks using a ‘missed connections wall/tree/thing’”.


  • Create brand awareness resulting in a preference for the Happn dating app

  • Engage with Happn users, creating an interaction with the brand and extend app downloads to new potential users

  • Provoke buzz and curiosity around the event and the Happn brand


  • The average singleton in London already has at least 3-6 dating apps on their personal device

  • We are promoting ‘another dating app’ in a saturated and cynical London market

  • 68% of Londoners quizzed said they would not download another dating app even if requested to directly*


  • Fixtures, displays or structures to be limited up to 2.2m high-aligned north to south to limit obstruction of line of sight through the Arcade

  • Restrictive site dimensions of 25m², with no walls, roof or enclosure – to preserve views of the station roof

  • No other signage, branding, freestanding displays or leafleting permitted

  • No moving images or audio permitted – to remove risk of noise pollution or conflict with station announcements

*Full details available in case study


Unlike other event agencies, our Event Miracle Workers evaluate more than just the logistical elements of any event or project we undertake; because in order for us to achieve the your targeted goals and provide you with more than just a successful outcome, we must understand all the factors that influence your audience.

In Happn’s case, we did not just promote ‘another dating app’ to passers-by without much thought into what those potential singletons wanted, need or desire – in a city as fast paced as London, a brand experience event is more than just a simple interaction between a company and its customer. It’s about starting the conversation with Londoners and giving them a reason to improve their online dating habits.

Our resulting concept for this unique brief was designed to  emotionally bond Happn’s target audience with a better online dating experience and organically create brand ambassadors who themselves choose to be part of a brand and march it forwards, helping it expand its reach across London and redefine the online dating market.



  • Increased brand awareness – more Londoners have knowledge of the Happn brand and the Happn dating app

  • Engage with existing Happn users thereby strengthening the Happn brand – potentially creating further share-ability

  • The Happn brand provoking a buzz, curiosity and excitement around Valentine’s Day leading to increased Happn dating app downloads


  • Change Londoners behaviour towards existing dating app culture and redefine a stagnant market

  • Successfully avoid the traditional love hearts and roses cliché of Valentines Day marketing and promote Happn as a stand out brand thanks to a unique awareness campaign

  • Diversification of the existing Happn brand allowing for further future growth in a redefined market

  • Showcase the relevance of the Happn brand, its confidence in its product and its sense of humour