How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want – Part 5

These days authenticity is a rare quality. It’s lost between the many aspects of our busy lives even though we regard it as the biggest and most respected trait in others.

Throughout this series of posts, I have discussed the various elements needed to make sure that your genuineness shines through no matter how busy our lives get.

Show Your True Colours

You know when you’re at your sharpest, you feel like you are on a roll whilst feeling incredibly comfortable; you never question what people are thinking because you know they like you – this is you at your prime.

We love these moments because it’s when our true colors are expressed – this is why people like you. It’s only when we stop ourselves from showing our true colours that the world stops too. Believe me, your colors will always shine as bright as your courage shines to show them.

Stop hiding. Stop filtering yourself to make people happy. Your brain is going to pick up this habit as self-pity and will soon start to play it with or without your permission. Rid yourself of the mask and relish in your truth.

How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want - Part 5

Give Joy to Others

The greatest gift you can ever give someone isn’t something that can be bought; it is given freely from the soul. Joy is a fulfillment we’re all seeking, but most of us know where to look because the only way we find it is by bouncing it back and forth from each other – when you give joy, you henceforth receive it.

You give joy by not rocking the boat, not making people angry on purpose or delivering anything you know will make things difficult. Do your best at anything you do, make the best possible choices you can make from what you know thus far, and make sure people know how much you care. That’s when joy is born, as well as the duty to reciprocate it. Then it becomes a dance.

In Conclusion

There are many things we can’t control in this world, but if there’s one thing we do have the power to control – our character. Once we have a firm grasp of that, everything else will magically fall into place – after all, if you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.

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