Brilliant Ads Totally Nail The Humour & Heartbreak of Twentysomething Life

A quarter-life crisis – twentysomething life has an unforgiving job market, impersonal hook-up culture & the pressure to be Instagram-perfect.

Much has been made of the quarter-life crisis; for twentysomethings, an unforgiving job market, an impersonal hook-up culture and the pressure to be Instagram-perfect don’t exactly help.

However, few have captured the current mood of millennial life as insightfully – and amusingly – as Samantha Jayne, a freelance art director for MullenLowe in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old has created four pitch-perfect videos about twentysomething life (The struggle is real people!) to promote her new book, Quarter Life Poetry, due out April 5th 2016.

The book is based on Jayne’s popular Instagram account of the same name, which she started last year with a four-line poem and illustration about whipping up frappes whilst a student at university. Jayne, an ad worker and actress, wrote the scripts, acted in the spots and got permission from MullenLowe to film in the office over one weekend. The result is a darkly comic look at a young employee’s life in and out of an ad agency – although the setting is purposefully vague so anyone with an office job can relate.

When I started InAnyEvent London, I vowed to make it a place where no matter what, work would always be joyful; naturally of course, my favorite ad – because it sums up work life for most so perfectly – is “Mortality” (above). It shows Samantha as she spirals into an existential black hole during the office’s Pizza Day. Then, she dutifully documents the spread for social media with a caption that hardly matches how she feels.

Each video is about a minute long and ends with the words “Who are we kidding?” – a punch line that calls out the tension between the generation’s fantasy and reality and something we have all experienced at one point or another.

I personally can’t wait until Quarter Life Poetry is released on April 5th, judging by how brilliant Jayne’s adverts for the book are, I know it will be a brilliant read and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

For that weekly existential crisis at your desk:

For when you’re 100% an adult by now:

For those late nights at the office:

 For the sanctity of brunch:

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