7 Reasons Why a Late Event Planner is a Bad Event Planner

As an event planner, if you’re always late you’re letting down the industry and seriously risking your career; our cute explainer video explains why.

There is a reason why when you ask an event planner how they are doing, an expected response will often be “Busy”. Time is a major commodity and almost every event planner I know – including myself at one stage or another – has had some issues surrounding time management.

You will often hear us say, “There arn’t enough hours in the day”, “I never have any time”, “I always have a million tasks to do” – sound familiar?

Although most event planners generally handle time management well, we can all learn to do it better. Ultimately, event management is about delivering projects promptly, so learning how to manage your time is essential to your success, stress levels, clients and your craft.

By focusing on perfecting them early on in your career and setting high standards for yourself, you will grow your business, build a positive reputation and you will be headed towards continued success for many years to come.

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