Well That’s Certainly One Way to Work up a Sweat…

Berlin’s largest health insurance company, AOK Nordost gets us all hot under the collar with its latest advert for its new fitness app, ‘FitMit AOK’.

Watching the male model bare all during a workout has made us suddenly feel quite peachy-keen about fitness! Fresh from the ‘land of ideas’, the clip features one of Deutschland’s most dashing dandies sporting…well, nothing at all.

Well That’s Certainly One Way to Work up a Sweat...

Of course his pert derrière and various other bits and bobs are obscured by strategically placed dumbbells and gym equipment. However, throughout his saucy workout, fellow gym-goers struggle to avert their gaze away from his umm…Bratwurst?

Well That’s Certainly One Way to Work up a Sweat...

While we can’t vouch for the whole hygiene side of working out in the buff, the body-confident beau in this ad more than makes up for his sins. It goes without saying that this is a NSFW-ish clip, but why not treat yourself to some gratuitous nudity and get fit in the process?


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