How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want – Part 4

With the final part containing the remaining two steps being posted next week, you should find the below steps the easiest to accept and begin to build into your life.

These two steps are essentially the by-product of progression and achievement gained from all the steps in parts 1, 2 & 3.

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?Look Down to No One

Keep your head high because you are a clean slate. The world is not your boss, quite the contrary; you are the boss of the world.

Whether it’s your superior, your parents, or a friend, no one has the right to try and take or be given your power. That is forever yours to keep and hold. Never make any person treat you less than what you are.

There is no one in this world more important than you. Let me repeat: there is no one in this world more important than you. What I mean by that is to never become submissive for anyone. Look down to no one.

Live Inside Your Heart Every Single Day

At the end of our lives we are never judged by the amount of things we did, but by how much love we left behind, that’s our legacy. Leave trails of love wherever you go, not because you want to be liked, but because it’s an expression of who you are and how much you respect life.

You’re capable of loving in unfathomable quantities. Wade in it. Understand that when you wake up, you deserve to be whole. Nothing has ever come from holding hate in your heart; love heals all cracks and wounds. It’s an emotional balm that never fails.

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