How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want – Part 2

Last week I discussed the importance of authenticity, because genuineness is the viewed as the biggest trait people respect in others.

Continuing the series with part 2, here are the next steps you need to achieve to be able to become your authentic self and still live the life you want:

Tap Into Your Inner Child

How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want - Part 2Inside us all, there is a child who never grew up. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean our spirit has changed. It only means we’ve learned to adapt independently, to manage our practical and emotional lives in a mature way. But deep down, we’re still a child with an imagination the size of the moon and with incredible amounts of love to give – try and remember what it felt like.

Not only should you tap into your own inner child, but you should also try to inspire others to do the same. When a person intimidates you, envision them as a child; that’s the boy or girl you need to connect with. We’re all so busy trying to be grownups – but let’s face it; we pretty much make it up as we go along anyway. Make the world smile by reminding us that in spite of adult problems, there is always room for magic.

Never Love BlindlyHow To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want - Part 2

Everyone wants to be loved. So much so that when they see a pure heart, they want to grab it and use it. In many ways, love is a currency that can be traded carelessly. Don’t be afraid to love the world and all the people in it.

When you love, love fiercely and with every fiber of your being. But know how valuable it is. Never give it away for free because at its very core, love is coveted by the greedy.

Don’t be afraid to love strangers or to give love and respect, but be strong enough to know what it truly looks like: Love feels good. It isn’t manipulated, uncomfortable or used for blackmail or credit. It’s real, and when done correctly, lights up the saddest of faces.

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