How To Be Your Authentic Self & Still Live The Life You Want – Part 1

The biggest trait people respect in others is genuineness. It’s hard to find these days because we’re so busy trying to be something else. Authenticity is a quality we all want to be around, but after years of building masks, how can we find courage to let them all go?

I’ve learned countless of lessons in my life, all of which have helped me know more about myself. Sometimes there are things we can’t control in this world, but if there’s one thing we all have power of, it’s our character. Once we have control of that, everything else magically falls in place – after all, if you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.

In this series, I will cover the steps needed to achieve the elements that will enable you to be your authentic self and still live the life you want – here are the first two:

Listen Only to Yourself

Genuineness is recognised when you live as the unique person you’re meant to be. In order to find this unique person, you need to stop listening to the world and everyone around you. Your parents, your friends, your teachers, your students, your siblings, strangers or loved ones, can’t ever speak for you nor should you ever allow them to think for you.

The only voice, intuition or consciousness you should obey is your own. That’s the only way to achieve your destiny. Your authenticity becomes more palatable when you listen to your gut. You become comfortable in your own skin. You think, “Yes, that’s the person I want to go to bed with.” You live as you’re meant to be – it’s a high so powerful that once you’re up there, you never want to come down.

Stop Lying to the World

Genuine is truth. It’s time to detox yourself of every lie you’ve told. Think back and back and back to the very first white lie that jumpstarted a path of others – own it, and swear to yourself that you will never to do it again.

You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not in order for people to like or respect you. Trust me when I say they like and respect a person who tells the truth rather than a person who feels he needs to brag, exaggerate or make up tales to gain validity.

When you lie, you unconsciously tell yourself you are not good enough as you actually are – this message is spread to the rest of your subliminal mind, making it hard to reverse. Every lie trains your brain to think you’re inadequate. Break the habit and feel the power gained from your personal truth.

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