London Flashback: 1976

1976 was a turbulent year that saw Hurricane-force winds of up to 105 mph kill 22 people across the country and cause millions of pounds worth of damage to buildings and vehicles.

A harsh winter was to be followed by an even harsher summer as parts of South West England go for 45 days with no rain in July and August, dubbed as one the most severe droughts in history.

British and Icelandic ships clash at sea resulting in ‘Cod War’, where the UK conceded to a 200 nautical miles of rich sea areas causing thousands of job losses for British fishing communities, and even the Great Clock of Westminster (Big Ben) suffered internal damage and stopped running for over nine months.

Amazingly however, you would never think any of these things happened when you flashback and take a look at these brilliant photos of London in 1976. Also we would love to hear your stories of 1976 in the comments below!

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