The Psychology of Logo Designs: More Than Meets The Eye [Infographic]

Whether you are designing a logo for your business or for an event, there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the psychology of logo designs and how we interpret them.

This colourful infographic illustrates the psychology behind logos, breaking down how they affect consumers’ perceptions of a brand; from typeface to colour and shape, every aspect of a brand’s logo implies something about the company’s identity to the viewer.

For example, a circular or curved logo like Pepsi’s suggests community, sending a positive emotional message.

By using the colour blue, Facebook and Visa tell potential clients and consumers that the brand is strong and trustworthy, and instils a sense of calm. FedEx has minimal spacing between the letters of its logo, because this reflects the tight, speedy service it offers.

While it’s not something that we think of consciously every time we see a logo in day-to-day life, the psychology behind logos is a complex art into which designers and executives put much thought and effort.

[Infographic] The Psychology of Logo Designs: More Than Meets The Eye

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