From Tree To You – Delivering Real Christmas Trees In London!

Best Friends deliver an extra helping of Christmas magic to Londoners with their brilliant new venture, From Tree To You – delivering real Christmas Trees directly to your door! 

We’re sure many of you, like us love the idea of heading out, picking your tree then rushing home and putting it up. In reality the experience is not always as  magical as we think when you live in London.

I mean, lets face it – you spend ages picking out the best tree, because you and your flatmates can’t agree on whether or not your living room can take the 8ft beauty you have your heart set on (or who is going to carry it). Eventually you compromise on the slightly crooked 6ft one in the corner and pay the florist (who clearly has the patience of a saint) and suddenly realise that to get it home you only have the choice of getting it on a crowded bus, or trying to squeeze it into the back of an UberX; risking getting a bad rating for leaving needles all over everything.

Enter George & Andy, two best friends from South London who have founded From Tree To You, a Christmas tree delivery service that delivers the finest Norman Fir’s directly to your door!

George & Andy, Founders of From Tree To You

George (left) & Andy (right), Founders of From Tree To You

With Christmas trees ranging from 3ft to 10ft, they have something for all budgets and spaces. In addition, for those of you who like a fancy stand, they have a selection for you to choose from too. Book now for delivery on the 11th or 16th December 2016 and the boys will deliver your tree at no extra cost – now that is Christmas generosity!

If there’s anything that you need, if there’s anything we can do, just call on us and we’ll send it along with love, from me to you From Tree To You – Merry Christmas, George & Andy.


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