18 Free Weird & Wonderful Things to do in London

Whether your broke or just tight fisted, check out these 18 free weird and wonderful things to do in London.

18 Free Weird & Wonderful Things to do in London

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

1. See full-size dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park.

2. Go to the Wellcome Collection to see a bunch of marvellously weird objects, including an ancient mummy, Napoleon’s toothbrush and Darwin’s walking stick.

3. Browse old sewing machines at the London Sewing Machine Museum.

4. Marvel at the Jar of Moles at the Grant Museum of Zoology.

5. See the overstuffed walrus at the Horniman Museum.

6. Be wowed by the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies at the British Museum.

7. Be dazzled by the 400 exhibits, including a Spitfire and a Harrier Jet on display at the Imperial War Museum.

18 Free Weird & Wonderful Things to do in London

Hold Some Gold

8. See what life was like for the poor and destitute of London’s East End during the late 1800s in The Ragged School Museum.

9. Hold some gold at the Bank of England Museum.

10. See pickled creatures in jars and fascinating deformed skeletons at the Hunterian Museum.

11. Come face-to-face with a roaring T-Rex at the Natural History Museum.

12. Enjoy a candlelit tour of the atmospheric Sir John Soane’s Museum (Main picture).

13. Explore the fascinating history of England’s capital at the Museum of London.

18 Free Weird & Wonderful Things to do in London

National Maritime Museum

14. Take your pain away with a visit to The Anaesthesia Museum, which charts the history of anaesthesia from 1846 to the present day.

15. Be inspired by the beautiful objects on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

16. Learn about the history of the River Thames at the Museum of London Docklands.

17. Discover the life and works of one of Britain’s most inspiring designers at the William Morris Gallery.

18. Head to Greenwich to mosey round the Queen’s House and the National Maritime Museum.

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